Client Testimonials

We were having trouble with our 10 month old crying a lot at bed times and waking multiple times a night. With just a few of the changes to our routine as suggested by Jude, we've now got a baby who is happy to go to bed (most nights) and who sleeps through! She knows her stuff and nothing was too much trouble!

Chi, Mum to Patrick - 10 Months

Couldn't recommend Jude more, we had amazing results with Jude and it wasn't a complex or hard change! Our little girl was waking between 2 and 5 times per night, with some tweaks to her daytime sleeps she now sleeps 12 hours without waking. I really regret waiting so long to ask for help. I forgot how amazing it was to sleep through the night!

Emma, Mum to Charlotte - 14 Months

So much gratitude for Jude and the assistance she has provided to help us. Zander went from only sleeping for 20-30 minutes at a time during the day and waking every hour through the night at 8 months old to two one-hour sleeps during the day and then waking just once at night, to sleeping all the way through. Thank you Jude, you saved our sanity!

Sahsa, Mum to Zander - 8 Months

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