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Playtime with your baby


let's have some fun

your little one might not be ready to complete that puzzle you have on the shelf, but here's a great excuse to up your game! Play is not only super fun (who doesn’t love that gurgly baby laugh??), but it’s also essential for your little one’s overall development, learning and well-being. Whilst you feed and play together, your little one is learning all about the world around them. Small things can create big lessons, such as handing a toy to your baby to teach them what happens when they grab, hold, move and even drop it. getting onto the floor for some active play encourages moving which strengthens muscles and builds gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Oh, and let's face it, anything that involves looking at each other, reading, chatting, singing and giggling is great for teaching your little one about communication, emotions and of course, language.


let's play

Here are some fun ideas to get you started:

Peekaboo Probably the most enjoyed game with little ones. they love it!! Cover your face, wait for the perfect moment and boo! Expect roars of laughter with this one.

Funny faces babies love funny faces and funny noises too, so blow raspberries, open your eyes wide, wink, poke out your tongue, you get the idea. Story time get out bubs favourite books, and read together it doesn’t matter which book they choose, just open it up and enjoy! Listening to the same story on repeat is a great way for your little one to learn about language. Get noisy! Play music, sing songs (it doesn’t have to be nursery rhymes, 'Tay Tay' works just as well), bang pans loudly and shake rattles softly. All of these sounds help your little one understand the differences in volume & rhythm. Blow bubbles

Show your baby how to catch and pop them. Even babies younger than three months love following the bubbles as they fly away.

Create a safe landing Encourage movement with a safe, soft environment, throw the cushions down and play on the floor. With this soft spot, bub can safely have a go at sitting up, crawling and even walking. Remember, practice makes perfect!

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