Nine months post-partum...

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

So, baby number three and let me tell you, time sure does pass quickly the more kidlets you bring earth side. Before having 'Mum' as a title I would roll my eyes at mothers' posts that went along the lines of; ”I can't believe it's been six months since you were born! Where has the time gone”.

The thing is, you have all these grand plans for postpartum life, redecorating the nursery, Marie Kondo-ing the house and drinking copious cups of teas. Far out time is absolutely of the essence! Time indescribably flies with babies and although it feels like I want the extra time to fit in those unfulfilled post-partum plans, I am well aware that its the time spent with my little one that will be the real part that I will forever wish back. Since becoming a mum to three I have never felt more grounded, loved and more myself.

Having three children has taught me a lot about perspective, priorities, friendships and a lot about what is important. You see, life is far too short and precious for us to worry about being anything but kind and offering empathy where it’s needed. My having children wasn’t ever “planned” as such. Gee, I think if it were planned we would still be riding solo with a lot more money in the bank account waiting for the perfect moment to 'start'. A lot of couples think that once you fall pregnant and start your family your life may be ‘over’, but guess what – your life is yet to begin! I know, I know – cliché. So yeah, after being a mum now for four years, I still have those moments where I’m trying to figure out the MyGov app, how to fold fitted sheets correctly, how to clean my oven and bathroom so that they look like they did when we first purchased this house, oh and how to understand interest rates. But, I wouldn't have it any other way. Sidney, you show me how to be patient, Clancy you have the most contagious energy and cheeky personality and its hard to feel anything but grateful when you are around, and Addison, I’m not sure you could be any more perfect if you tried. These three mini-people have made my relationship with Liam stronger, made me appreciate my own mother and mother-in-law more, and showcased how missing bin day on Thursdays really is a deal breaker. All my love to all those mums.

Jude x

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