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Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Babies do not need to wait until the magic time of 7:00 pm to go to bed! Actually, holding your little one out until this time could actually be hindering their ability to settle off to sleep when they do go down.

For most of my clients I recommend a 7pm bedtime because this is what generally fits around most families' schedules and routines. If however, your little one has had a day at day care with limited sleep, are feeling unwell, going through a developmental leap, teething or have had a super overstimulated day, then I recommend a bedtime anywhere from 5:30-5:45 pm!

Other reasons why I often recommend an earlier shut eye is if your little one has woken early from their naps, having trouble transitioning between naps, not having adequate hours of sleep over night, and if you are witnessing a lot of crying at bedtime.

I actually don't believe in stretching a little one out for a magic number, and this is why I often tell my clients to watch not only the clock but also their baby!

Usually if your baby Is showing tired signs earlier than usual, then I suggest rolling with these signs and popping them down earlier. If however they are not yet showing signs of being tired and are playing happily then an extra 10/15 minutes tapped onto their awake time will not be detrimental!

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