Sleepy Baby

So, you know all about me... now it's time to learn about my values when it comes to Sleep Consulting!

Creating positive change...

Working as a Sleep Consultant means being welcomed into a families home to work closely with them to help create a positive change. This responsibility is an honour and a privilege, and one that i take very seriously.

The Holistic Sleep Nurse was founded on the values of compassion, professionalism and love. With a sprinkle of the three things I believe in the most, also known as GEM – gratitude, empathy and mindfulness.

I believe that the application of these values are what sets me apart and allows me to build incredible relationships with my clients, all whilst changing their little family's life!


There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach here...

I believe each child is unique and therefore I take my time to curate my programs and approach accordingly.

I believe no-one knows your baby better than you do and this is why I listen intently from beginning to end to those who know your baby best – the parents. I understand the juggle that daily life brings and I know that dynamics vary from client to client.  So, by working together and listening to my clients, I can create the best outcome for each family as a whole.

Your little one is my number one priority and every action taken is explained to you in great detail. You will understand why particular changes may need to be made, followed by guidance on how to implement those changes. I am passionate not only about implementing changes but about helping you to understand the 'why' behind them.

I believe sleep issues can be resolved by looking at a range of elements. These can include associations, patterns of reliance and understanding as well as any history and or circumstance surrounding particular sleep issues.

SIDS safe guidelines are always given the utmost consideration and my nursing background allows me to recognise any potential concerns and offer evidence and experience based solutions.


Happier children make for stronger families...

Getting sleep sorted makes for happier children and stronger families. As a a Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife, Mum to three and Children's Sleep Consultant, i will help you establish sustainable routines and sleep skills that will transform your home for the better and give your little one the best start to life.