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I'm Jude, otherwise known as The Holistic Sleep Nurse... it's lovely to meet you Mumma!

I'm a Registered Nurse, a Registered Midwife, a Children's Sleep Consultant, and most importantly, a mother to my three beautiful babies.

I graduated as a Registered Nurse and specialised in Emergency Nursing in 2012, and from the moment I began my nursing degree I knew I had found a career I was passionate in. I worked in a unit where paediatrics accounted for the highest patient numbers in the state. Nursing allowed me to combine my two loves - children and helping others.

In 2015 I went on to study midwifery and quickly learnt how passionate I was about everything related to mothers and babies. From antenatal education to the journey of the birth and then the postpartum education that came with many fatigued and exhausted mummas who honestly took away about 10% of the education given to them in hospital.


Then in 2016 came the amazing news that we were expecting our first born which timed perfectly with me completing my midwifery studies. I was elated. 

Like many mothers to be, my dreams had come true. I envisioned play dates, long sleepy cuddles, pram walks, coffee dates and days and nights spent gazing at my content little newborn.

Sounds cliche but I genuinely imaged things to be like that. I had worked with little ones for nine years, I knew it would have it's ups and downs but how hard could it be, right?

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Oh Sidney my sweet baby boy, he came, he screamed, he conquered. Let's just say things didn't play out quite the same as those breezy moments that I had envisioned in the early days of pregnancy.

The moment my milk came in we had a very unsettled bub. Sidney was irritable; having trouble feeding, ongoing crying spells and decided that he would only nap on Dads chest or in the baby swing - nowhere else.

There were a whole lot of tears, plenty of bouncing, rocking and holding, but settling little Sidney was next to impossible. I was desperate. You name it, I tried it.

But, people kept saying it would just "take time". I remember that phrase suffocated me... literally. The anxiety I got not knowing how long this would last for whilst knowing that he wasn't getting the sleep he needed, left me feeling completely helpless.

I loved him so dearly, I had all the patience in the world for him, I fiercely adored him but, was it what I imagined? No... nothing like what I had imagined.

Then to top it all off my amazing sister and brother in law planned their big, beautiful white wedding when I was six weeks postpartum... yep, not only did I have anxiety over loosing my “baby weight” to fit into my bridesmaid outfit, but I also had the added anxiety of having a six week old baby who didn’t mind a good cry as a guest.

So, to paint a picture... he cried for the whole reception, the ENTIRE time. My poor husband tried everything to calm him but little Sidney wasn't having any of it!

That wedding was the end, after that I took the initiative to teach myself a thing or two about getting a baby to sleep. I read every book that was on the market, and I read it twice.

After two months of severe sleep deprivation I began to explore options to get sleep sorted and began using different techniques. The difference that sleep made was incredible, both in him and our little family as a whole. Getting sleep sorted was a total game changer for us.  He woke happy, he fed better, his weight increased, his tummy settled, and his reflux was minimal. Our family was thriving, as opposed to simply surviving which was what we had been doing prior.

Fast forward three years, and three children, I had been helping many family and friends out with getting their little bubbas to sleep. 

So when my baby girl was six weeks old and killing it in the sleep department I decided to take on some study and officially become a Certified Sleep Consultant. I believe everything in my life has led me to do what I do.  I see this every day by the success and relationships I build with my clients.

I have now worked with over 100 clients, both antenatally and postnatally and have become a trusted referral source for women specific Physiotherapists, Obstetricians, Midwives, Child Health Nurses, Teachers and more.

I want you to experience all of the things you imagined, give your little one the best start to life and have this amazing time strengthen your family's relationship. And I truly believe sleep can do all of that and more!